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Interns Opportunities

2019 onwards


  1. Get mentorships from EXPERTS in the field, ie. IT - knowlage management; ecology, eco education, project organisations, event management) 

  2. Gain REAL work experience, but don't worry about making mistakes.

  3. Contribute to the whole project, not ferments or pieces of tasks!

  4. Earn a FRUITFUL year by fully dedicatation!

  5. Contribute 150 hrs and gain INTERN CERTIFICATES with written comments (Outstanding, credit, fair) from mentors.  For over 180 hrs gain INTERN CERTIFICATES with written comments and reference letter.  We will upgrade rewards to those over 200 hrs.

We are looking for someone:

  1. Diligent

  2. Focus

  3. Self motivated

Fill in an easy form and submit, that's it!

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